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Just listen to my words!!!

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  Bahaismiran:     Just listen to my word!!!

     God has created the human being temperament which is seeking for the reality. Basically, seeking truth is the humanity jewel. Seeking for truth has been recommended by the divine religions in order for human to accept the right even it is said by his/her enemies. Imam Ali (P.H.) states: Accept the wisdom word. It has been lost by each faithful person; seek it although it has been said by the atheists.”


     The first Teaching which has been mentioned by Baha’ism is the truth seeking issue. Pay attention to the independent investigation of truth stated by the Excellency Bahaullah in his book called “Iraq”: “The disciples of the faith path and the seekers of belief must cleanse their souls; that is, they must cleanse their ears out of listening to speech and their hearts out of the suspicion and their spirits out of the external attachments and their eyes out of the mortal words… because otherwise he/she can’t achieve the recognition paradise of God.

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