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The lost worship fate of the Baha’is

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 Worshipping in the divine religions. Shows the extent of the followers’ faith and a way to prosperity and having relationship with God. Although the quality and method of worshipping is different in different religions; but what is common in the divine religions is that the prophet of each religion and his followers are performing the orders issued by God more than others.

     The Excellency Hussein Ali Nouri entitled “Bahaullah” has considered one of the necessary teaching of each Baha’i person collection of Baha’ism commandments and teachings, he has announced the numbers of one of the faith prayer as nine units: “Surely, it is necessary for you to say a nine-unit prayer. It must be said for God who sends down the verses Encouraging his followers to say the prayer, Hussein Ali Baha emphasizes that the method of saying such prayer has been explained separately in another sheet of paper: “Surely, we explained the explanation of the prayer in another Sheet of prayer. A person who acts what has been ordered is prosperous…”

     As stated in the book “the treasury of Baha’is limitations and commandments, the fate of such prayer is that during the differences between Abbas and Muhammad Ali (Bahaullah’s offspring) concerning the father succession, some of the father’s works and writings which were exclusively kept by Muhammad Ali have been lost. One of these works has been the Baha’is 9-unit prayer. From that time on, the 9-unit prayer which was necessitated by Hussein Ali Baha was lost forever. Today, no Baha’i person is aware of it.

     What is worthy to be paid attention is that what has Abbas Effendi (Bahaullah’s offspring who is considered as his father’s real successor by the Baha’is) been unaware of the method of say the prayer?

     The main question is that: Doesn’t the Excellency Bahaullah say this prayer in order for his offspring and successors to learn and say it?





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