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Are non-Baha’is friends or gravels?

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the first Baha’i leader, the Excellency Bahaullah who is considered as a holy aspect and away from sin has stated about his fans and the rest of human beings in the book “the heavenly food:

     “My fans are gems and the rest are gravels of the land.”

     It is interesting that his son, the Excellency Abdul Baha hasn’t paid attention to his father’s statement and has considered the issue more logical. Abdul Baha states in the book “Khatabat” [the sermons]:

     “It is none of our business that a person is faithful and the other is not; we can’t prefer a person to another one.”

     It is the Baha’is duty to investigate to know which one opinion is correct? The non-Baha’is are friends or gravels?

     Which one has made a mistake? Bahaullah or both?!



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