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Everybody is ignorant except Baha’is…!

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1)   This is the investigation of truth in Baha’ism:

      “The divine teachings are that the people mustn’t be insulted and be attributed as the ignorant ones; but everybody must be respected and be spoken by investigation of truth; so that, say let’s investigate the truth to consider some problems such as why shouldn’t a proselytizer consider him/herself wiser and consider the other people ignorant? This view causes pride and pride causes lack of influence. One shouldn’t consider a privilege in himself and should behave people with respect.”

     (Effendi, Abbas {Abdul Baha, Vol. 1, p. 335)

2)   If a person dominates on all mundane sciences, he/she will be ignorant if he/she isn’t Baha’i.”


(Hussein Ali Nouri {Bahaullah}, Eqtedarat, p. 111)

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