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The Collision between science and wisdom

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 One of the most important teachings of Baha’ism is the conformity between science and wisdom. However, it is interesting to pay attention to the Excellency Abdul Baha’s statement in which the conformity between science and wisdom has been declared

repeatedly concerning thunder and lightning phenomenon: “Nevertheless the material, electricity. It is an allure and repulsive force. If they collide in the morning, a quick explosion will be created and the electricity force will be visualized.” (the heavenly food 2, p. 12, Amr and Khalq 1, p. 142)

     Now, we are going to interpret the Excellency Abdul Baha’s statement: First, regarding the materiality of electricity: Electricity isn’t material. It is energy. If it were material, it wouldn’t be force. Second, everyone of us has over and over observed thunder and lightning at night; so this phenomenon isn’t happening merely in the morning. Third, there isn’t any relationship between thunder and lightning and explosion scientifically.



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