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The corresponding support of Baha’ism and the Colonialists!!!

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 “Salve the cruels’ wounds. Cure the tyrant’s pains. If you are given venom, give nectar. If you are given sword, give milk and sugar, Donate if you are insulted.” (the book Amr and Khalq, Vol. 3)

     There many statement like this is the Baha’i leaders speech. If you glance at the book “Makatib” written by the Excellency Abdul Baha, you will see many statements supporting the enemies, the tyrant and the cruel.

     Why is Baha’ism trying to maintain He interest of the tyrant? It supports and conserve the benefits of the Colonialism who is the preacher and proselytizer of Baha’ism.

     Now, it can be easily figured out that why the Colonial governments like England, Russia, French are competing for the Baha’ism issue and these supports can be seen in the Baha’i leaders’ letters and tablets.


     For instance, when the Ottoman government spies discovered the Excellency Abdul Baha’s hidden deeds and the Ottoman government issued his execution verdict, the British government defended the Baha’is by cannons and guns.

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