A faith without leader!!!

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 The Excellency Abdul Baha (the second leader of Baha’is) promised subsequent guardians after Shoqi Effendi (the first Baha’i guardian) when he was the leader of the deviant movement of Baha’ism. He promised that the guardians will come to preserve and preach the divine verses.

     However, the Excellency Shoqi Effendi was abortive and nulled the Excellency Abdul Baha’s promise. Because the failure in Abdul Baha’s promise and the management of Baha’is without the presence of the guardian have puzzled and baffled the Baha’is. A group of Baha’is elected Charls Mason Remey who was one of the disciples of the faith and was the chairman of the international board as their guardian. At the present time, they are living in some parts of the world including Iran. They are going to establish a Universal House of Justice headed by Remey. It is interesting for the Excellency Abdul Baha’s statement to be reminded:

     “If the Baha’is are divided into two sects and each of them establishes a Universal House of Justice and they disagrees with each other, both of them will be null.”

     Another group turned against Baha’ism and elected a young man from Khorasan city as their leader. He is “Jamshid Ma’ani and is living in Indonesia.


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