The disciples of the old Colonialism

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It is nearly 30 years for Salman Roshti to be excommunicated by the Muslims and the Islamic world. He is the very person who was bestowed the “Sir” and “Knighthood” by Britain.

Based on the British Custom the “Sir” and “Knighthood” medals are being bestowed to those who have served the British government worthily.

 Now, the question is that: which prominent services have been done by the Excellency Abdul Baha (the Baha’i leader) and Salman Roshdi who have been praised as the great servants of the British Court?


Why has the British government bestowed such a distinguished medal to the author of the degrading book of “the satanic verses” which arose anger and opposition of Muslims and the monotheistic religion followers? Why has the British government bestowed the “Sir” and “Knighthood” medals to the leader of not extended community of Baha’ism in the middle part of World War I when the colonial powers of England were treading the Muslim government of Ottoman and capturing and occupying the Palestine lands to provide the opportunities for the establishment of Israel government?

These are the indications of fighting against Islam.

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