You can’t have your cake and have it!

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It is said that you can’t have your cake and have it! We have seen some people whose views are being changed in various situations. However, such people’s words aren’t influential on broad-minded and aware people since they aren’t sincere in their behaviors and speech.

If a person is sincere, he/ she must be firm in his belief. If the lake of sincere is being demonstrated by an organization having a religious approach, its negative effects will be more; for instance in one side, the Baha’i organization which handles the Baha’is across the world has denounced imitating a human being and considered the Shiite as misled and retarded because of imitating the legitimate commandments. However, the Excellency Bahaullah –who the Baha’is assume as their prophet- confirms a tradition by Imam Sadeq[1] (P.H.) as stated by the source of inspiration about the characteristics of a source of imitation in the sent down tablets to the kings and heads of the earth. Also, the Excellency Abdul Baha, the Baha’i leader, has adduced this tradition in the book “the epistle of the city” and considered it as a correct one and said: “These words are comprehensive and possessing all scientific conditions; that is, imitating the sources of religious affairs which is denounced by the Baha’i organization today and considered as a sign of weakness and retardation is considered correct and confirmed by the first leader of Baha’ism. Why is the current Baha’i organization speaking against the Baha’i beliefs? Is the Baha’i organization going to direct human beings towards God? Is it correct for us to behave against our beliefs to achieve our aims? Isn’t it being treacherous with the general thoughts?

… Or we must say to the Baha’i current leaders: You can’t have your cake and have it!


[1] The famous tradition by Imam Sadeq (P.H.) which has been confirmed by the Excellency Bahaullah and the Excellency Abdul Baha:


" فَأَمَّا مَنْ کَانَ مِنَ الْفُقَهَا صَائِناً لِنَفْسِهِ حَافِظاً لِدِینِهِ مُخَالِفاً عَلَى هَوَاهُ مُطِیعاً لِأَمْرِ مَوْلَاهُ فَلِلْعَوَامِّ أَنْ یُقَلِّدُوهُ"

“Each source of religious affairs (juris consult) who is taking Care of his essence will protect his religion. He disagrees disires and obeys the holy Imams’ (peace be upon them) orders. So, people must imitate him. (Wasaelushiieh, vol. 27, p. 131)



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