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Good news is enjoyable and the most lovely part of a speech is the one gives good news and increase hope and happiness in human being.

Maybe, the most agreeable message of the holy prophet (P.H.) in his most beautiful part of his speech in Ghadir day is informing about the world future and the emergence of the Excellency Mahdi (P.H.)

He said: Ghaem is the last Imam of the Household (peace be upon them) and he helps God’s religion. He is so kind that he is kind with each person whether he/ she is good or ignorant… He is God’s deputy and speaks on behalf of God… He is the last proof of God on the earth and no proof will come after him. God is his protector and supporter. He directs all religion to be along with him. He will revenge the cruel… and never be defeated.

Each Muslim will be happy with these beautiful promises and ask God for those beautiful days to be arrived to enjoy those moments… and of course nobody will claim to be the promised one.

There were many people who claimed for being the promised one; while those who listened and figured out the holy prophet words in Ghadir day didn’t listen to such claims cos they knew that false claimant didn’t possess any of these features and hasn’t fulfilled our holy prophet’s beautiful promises.


O’ Allah hasten Imam Mahdi’s (P.H.) reappearance

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