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     In the Islamic annunciations, it is said about the characteristics of the hidden Imam (May Allah hasten his return):

     One of the Baha’i teachings is the 12 principles is the independent investigation of truth; that is, human being is free to investigate the truth and to accept or reject it.

     Why did the Excellency Abdul Baha say group prayer if it is illegitimate in Baha’ism???

     He writes in the book “Rahiq Makhtoum” under the word “Akka” concerning Mirza Bozorg Shirazi entitled “Badi’a” and his trip to Akka:

Saturday, 20 May 2017 16:46

Bahaullah and his opponents and deniers

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     The Excellency Bahaullah says about those who don’t accept the faith and are his enemies: “A person who denies Bahaullah or Baha’ism, it is deserving to ask his/her mother about his/her situation… Tell, those who are Bahaullah’s enemies, evil has surely gone to his/her mother’s bed. (The book Ganje Shaygan and vol. 4 of the book “the heavenly food.”)

     Can you hammer a crooked nail in the wall? Or does it proceed if you hammer? Never.

     For this reason, you straighten it first with a hammer of a piece of stone. Then, you hammer it into the wall and it will surely proceed.

Thursday, 18 May 2017 16:50

Empty vessels make the most noise

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     The Baha’ism teachings have been stated in the forms of vain concepts without any exact plan to be performed; it is obvious that empty vessels make the most noise and is used by each disarray claimant. It is important for those aims and purposes to be achieved. The Excellency Abbas Effendi himself confesses it and says:

Thursday, 18 May 2017 16:49

Unanswered ambiguities

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     If you have a question you will ask your master without any problem and he will also answer to you according to his/her duty.

     However, if the master isn’t available, you won’t find a trustable answer to be relaxed; so you will become confused.

Thursday, 18 May 2017 16:46

Being firm in the claim

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The adventure of Bab’s repentance

     Mirza Ali Muhammad Shirazi is a person who is considered as the annunciator of their leader Bahaullah by Baha’is.

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