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Monday, 27 March 2017 10:25

The loops of a chain

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The Excellency Abdul Baha (the second leader of Baha’is) says in chapter 75 of the book “the treasurer of limits and commandments: “According to the Blessed Beauty’s statement nobody must do any action without the government’s permission if so he/she has opposed the Blessed Beauty’s order… “



One the most important works of the Excellency Mirza Ali Muhammad Shirazi (known as Bab) is the book “Persian Bayan” which is confirmed by the Excellency Bahaullah because it is written in the book “Asrarul Athar: “Refer to the Persian Bayan whose words are enough for human beings and its one word is more popular than heavens and the earth.”

Monday, 06 March 2017 17:34

The contradictions of the book Makatib

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There is a proverb that goes:

     Is used when a person speak vaguely. The practical examples of such proverb can be observed in every part of the book “Makatib” written by the Excellency Abdul Baha (the second leader of Baha’is).




 Nowadays, what most Baha’is don’t know about it is that Abdul Baha has severely prevented his followers to send their kids to non-Baha’i schools.



 “Salve the cruels’ wounds. Cure the tyrant’s pains. If you are given venom, give nectar. If you are given sword, give milk and sugar, Donate if you are insulted.” (the book Amr and Khalq, Vol. 3)

Thursday, 23 February 2017 11:39

The Collision between science and wisdom

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 One of the most important teachings of Baha’ism is the conformity between science and wisdom. However, it is interesting to pay attention to the Excellency Abdul Baha’s statement in which the conformity between science and wisdom has been declared

Thursday, 23 February 2017 11:38

Being proficient in scientific materials

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 Conformity of science with religion

     The Excellency Abdul Baha, the second leader of Baha’ism:

Thursday, 23 February 2017 11:37

Proving legitimacy by means of the Baha’i method!!

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     The Excellency Bahaullah (the founder of the oneness of human world) writes in the book “the heavenly food” following the swear by God and emphasizing too much: “Everybody who doesn’t consider the Baha’ism platform as legitimate, he/she is illegitimate and isn’t his father’s legitimate son or daughter.

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