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Proselytizing for the kids living in poor areas started!

The Baha’ism organization considered the open cases of illegal proselytizing kids in favor of Baha’ism since the presidency of Khatami as a continuous accusation against itself, but the Baha’ism organization ...

The bond between Baha’ism and Masonry

By: Sajjad Jamshidi One of the movements to which Baha’ism has been related and in which Baha’ism is present is masonry movement. Masonry is a pretty secret organization and is ...

The message of the universal house of justice dated Shahrivar, 1, 1401 S.H.

In the message of Shahrivar, 1, 1401 S.H., the Baha’ism organization insulted the Islamic Republic of Iran with vain excuses of the destruction of three illegal villas of the Baha’is ...

The adventure of Roshankouh village, Sari

According to the law, possession of land, jungle and illegal change in using lands are being encountered without paying attention to people’s beliefs, but the Baha’ism organization tried to introduce ...