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The role of the Baha’i elements in the third coup

The role of the Baha’i elements in the third coup

      The bond and cooperation between Bahaism and the Zionistic regime is of the clear realities in history. This cooperation and interaction which continued increasingly to the last moments of ...

Killing Muslim kids, the means for recreating Baha’is the Baha’is crime

      It is necessary for Baha’is crimes to be revealed and retold in order for to the present and future generations to be aware of this deviant cult which had ...
بهائیت در ایران

The founders of Bahaism cult, the starters of unveiling in Iran

      For the first time; in Rabiul Awwal 1264 A.H./1227 S.H., 1848 A.D., a woman... called Zarrin Taj Qazvini entitled Qorratul Ein who was one of the disciples of Ali ...

Freemasonry, Bahaism and the hidden Jewish; the influence bases of Zionism in Iran

      The secret strategy of the Zionists in Iran is of the secrets of the contemporary history of Iran. In this regard, the confession of one the spies of the ...