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Azar, 7th the death anniversary of Abdul Baha, the soldier of Colonialism

Bahaismiran: Abbas Effendi (1260-1340) entitled Abdul Baha (the slave of Baha'ism god, Hussein Ali Nouri), the elder son of Mirza Hussein Ali Nouri and is by the Baha'is Considered as ...

Using the international organizations by the deviant cult of Baha’ism to achieve it’s illegitimate goals

Bahaismiran: Bani Dugal participated at climate summit on 15 and 16 of Aban, 1402 S.H. in the United Arab Emirate as a religious leader. Inviting the Baha’i representative and the ...

The profligate Baha’i TV medium Manoto expired

Bahaismiran: After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the enemies used their utmost attempts against the revolution. One of these measures was running hostile networks in Persian Language to make ...

Claiming for the universal peace by the wickedness pivot

Bahaismiran:      Baha, the leader of Baha’ism cult speaks about general peace and Kindness among people in the 12 principles and teachings of Baha'ism. However, he is being introduced by ...