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Fighting against Bahaism during Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlavi’s periods of time

      We know that some campaigns were don against Bahaism after Mordad 28th coup:       1) The background of fighting: Prior Mordad 28th coup, fighting against Bahaism were done in ...

not vulgar chastity and cover is not compatible with the lifestyle of Bahaism

A summary of the ex-Baha'i, Zeinab Thomali's speech       Zeinab Roz Thomali is the daughter of Mrs. Ahdiyeh Muhammad Husseini and also Dr. Nosratullah Muhammad Husseini's niece - the Known ...

Selling, usurping, or offering? The fate of the Baha’i lands in Palestine

      Before occupying Palestine by England and the establishment of Israel, the Baha'is possessed agricultural lands there, but nobody knows about them, now. However, how does the universal house of ...

The first woman of the terroristic network in Iran

The researcher of historical issues: Zarrin Taj Qazvini (Tahireh Qorratul Ein) the leader of ISIS women       Abdullah Shahbari, the researcher of historical issues revealed about Tahireh Qorratul Ein (Zarrin ...