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Field Marshal Zargham, the Baha’i person who depressed the Iranian interior economy

By: Sajjad Jamshidi Field Marshal Zargham is one of the bigoted Baha’is in the Pahlavi army. He was appointed as the minister of customs during the time when Dr. Manouchehr ...

Habib Sabet Pasal, the Baha’i number one man of the economy of the second Pahlavi government

By: Mrs. Najafi Habib Sabet known as Pasal which was the name of company Habib Sabet was one of the Jewish people who had become Baha’i. He was from Hamadan ...

Hojabr Yazdani, the Baha’i seditious person in Pahlavi era

By: Sajjad Jamshidi Hojabr Yazdani is one of the famous and contentious characters of late years of Muhammad Reza kingdom. He changed into the richest man of 1350s in Iran ...

The Baha’i minister, the destroyer of the agriculture of Iran in Pahlavi era

Engineer Mansour Rowhani was of the intimate friends and co-workers of Abdul Karim Ayadi. He can be called as the destroyer of the agriculture of Iran. Rowhani was born in ...