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Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

Ayatullah Taleqani’s view towards Baha’ism

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\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:The following speech called “ Jihad and Martyrdom” made by Ayatullah Taleqani:

Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36


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\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:The manager of the deviant cults group said in Qom city: “According to statistics, nearly 30,000Baha’is have turned to the religion of Islam in Iran so far.”

\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:We have already heard about selling paradise by some Christian priests which was criticized severally even by churches; but bin Baha’ism especially in some principles posed by some founders it has been Cleary stated that several sins can be bought. Several Baha’is who have recently turned to Islam have revealed some facts regarding this Colonial made religion which make every human being surprised.

Sunday, 08 November 2015 23:36

Tahereh Qorratul Ein Part (3)

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\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:Eventually, Iraqi ruler exiled her to Baqdad. Then, she was imprisoned in a house because she was also proselytizing Babism. (Bab’s sedition, p. 170)

\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:Abdul Baha tells about his father’s teachings: “… Bahaullah’s teachings are unique. Bahaullah’s teaching are the spirit of this era the light of this century.

\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com:Iran\'s Judiciary Chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani said the leaders of the Baha\'i community are linked to foreign countries and receive security related orders from them, IRIB news agency reported May 16.

\"بهائیتBahaismiran.com: Bahaismiran: The following are the headlines by some Persian video and internet sites about Mrs. Fae’zeh Hashemi’s visit with one of the Iranian Baha’i leader.

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