Embracing the universal justice by Ali Muhammad Bab’s emergence is a false statement spanning two centuries!

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 The Baha’i proselytizers interpret the traditions in which establishing the universal justice is being promised by the Excellency Mahdi (P.H.) as Ali Muhammad Shirazi. While, the claim is meaningless. Since nearly 200 years have passed; but the universal justice hasn’t been fulfilled by him!!!

     A glance at the main events happened during recent 200 years prove these proselytizers are telling lies.

     Question: Has justice been observed and fulfilled during recent two hundred years (From the emergence of Babism and Baha’ism till now)?


     Pay attention to key events:

1)   Word War I (from 1914 to Nov. 1918 in Europe)

2)  Word War II (from September, 2, 1939 to September, 2, 1945 in Europe and Asia which was ended by the unclear bombardment of Japan by the U.S.)

3)  Occupation of the Palestine land by the Zionistic regime 1948 supported by the U.S.

4)  The civil wars of Vietnam 1955 to 1975

5)   The War between Iraq and Iran and the sacred defense by the Iranian troops, September 1970 to 1988.

6)  Takfiri groups’ attacks to the American towers, September, 11, 2001.

7)  America’s attack to the Muslim country of Afghanistan, October, 2001 and to Iraq March, 2003 with the excuse of campaign against terrorism

8) Supporting the wicked Takfiri group in Syria and Iraq to confront the governmental groups by America on January, 26, 2011

9)  Supporting the Yemen dictator on March, 2015 by the coalition led by kid-killer Saudi regime and etc.

     Can the proselytizers and the Baha’ism organization guess the number of massacres during these important events?

-       During World War I, 9911000 people were killed, 21000000 people were injured and 7750000 people were lost.

-       During World War II, 49000000 military people were killed and 73000000 civilians were killed.

-       During America’s attack to Iraq which lasted for 8 years, 1030000 people were killed and etc.

     The Excellency proselytizer,

     How can you claim for the universal justice to be established with the emergence of a madman called Ali Muhammad Shirazi.


1)   After nearly 200 years since Bab has died the calm for the universal justice is vain and meaningless!

2)  There are traditions in which the meaning of the Excellecny Mahdi (May God hasten his reappearance) has been identified and can’t be coincided with Ali Muhammad Shirazi; such as:


یا بن مسعود ان علی بن ابیطالب امامکم بعدی و خلیفتی علیکم فاذا مضی فالحسن ثم الحسین انبای امامکم بعده و خلیفتی علیکم ثم تسعه من ولد الحسین واحدٌ بعد واحد ائمتکم و خلفای علیکم تاسعهم قائمهم قائم ائمتی یملوءُها قسطاً و عدلاً کما ملئت ظلماً و جوراً


     O’ Masoud’s offspring, Ali ibn Abitalib (P.H.) is your Imam after me and is my successor. Then after him my offspring Hassan (P.H.) will be you Imam and my successor. After him, my offspring Hussein (P.H.) is you Imam and my successor. Then, nine offspring after Imam Hussein (P.H.) are your Imams one after another and my successors. The ninth one is the Imam of the time. He will expand justice across the world as has been filled with unjustice.[1]


3)  There are many tradition form Sunni scholars in which they consider the birthday of the Imam of the time as 15th of Sha’ban, 255 A.H.[2]


Hamed Mahmoudi




[1] The Ployamth Majlesi, Beharul Anwar, searched by: Seyyed Ibrahim Al-Miyanji. Muhammad Baqer Mahmoudi, Darul Hayat Al-Torath, 1403 A.H., Vol. 36, p. 246.

[2] Refer to Qondouzi Hanafi, Yanabiul Moudah, searched by: Seyyed Ali Jamal Ashraf, Bija: Darul Osweh, 1st edition, 1416 A.H. Vol. 3, p. 306.

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