The reason for the holy Imams in Sheikism cult to be external

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The scholars of the Sheikism cult have special beliefs regarding the position of the holy Imams (peace be upon them) in the creation system; including they consider the holy Imam as the four reasons of creation which are as follows: final, acting, material and external reasons.

The external one is the one which is located at material such as the case put on the wood pieces to form a table. The great scholar hell: says in this regard: “The external reason is the one which makes a thing to be created if it becomes active.[1] The Sheikism scholars consider the holy Imams as the external reason for the creation system. Ehsaee writes: “As the materials of the existence of all creatures are originated from the existence rays of the holy Imams (peace be upon them0, we also consider all good and right faces originated from the holy imams’ faces (which are mercies) because they are they external faces of all creatures in the worlds.[2]” Ibrahimi writes: “After being clear that the holy imams are the material reasons of creatures, it includes faces because the faces of things are limitations and extremity of their materials.[3]


     Ehsaee hasn’t offered any reason for his claim. Additionally, Ibrahimi refers the reason for the holy Imams to be external to their being material. Because the thesis of the holy imams to be material has been rejected[4]; so the reason for being external has been rejected.


[1] The great scholar Helli, Al-Jawahar Al-Nazid Fi Sharh manteq Al-Tajrid, Qom, Bidar publication, 1381 S.H. p. 208.

[2] Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee, the enterpreattion of Jame’aeh Kabireh pilgrimage, the electronic copy, Vol. 1, p. 170.

[3] Abdul Reza Ibrahimi, the four reasons and the religion principles, the electronic copy, p. 45.

[4] For more study refer to the article: The reason for the holy Imams to be material in Sheikism cult.


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