The Baha’i prediction narrated by Abulfadhl Golpaygani

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Golpaygani was one of the outstanding proselytizers of Baha’ism. His attempts to expand the deviant cult of Baha’ism were unique.



     Abul Fadhl Golpaygani says:

     “The Baha’is believe that all divine books and the heavenly ones which are existent in the world give giad tidings that the world gains the maturity rank, illusion period of time passes, the darkness of the religious differences disappears and the world stands on the unique word. The chronic enmities disappears in the hearts. Grudge will be changed into affection and brotherhood. Wars will be vanished and enmity means will change into business ones. (What does Baha’i say, Vol. 1, p. 8)

     Mr. Golpaygani, have your predictions and statements turned into reality?! Have they happened now?!

     Are the Baha’is deaf and blind? Don’t they observe the current conditions and event in the world?

v One hundred percent of the Syrian land has changed into ruined places due to affection and brotherhood!

v More than 500 thousand killed people and more than millions of people are homeless due to disappearing of enmities!

v Several provinces of Iraq have change into ruined ones due to turning war instrument into production ones!

v Due to establishing the unique word, the ethnic conflicts have killed many people in Afghanistan during several decades!

v In Lybia and Egypt, ISIS has massacred men, women and kids due to disappearing enmities!

v In Yemen, ten thousand people and more than 5000 kids were killed due to affection and brotherhood!

v In Nigeria and … terroristic measures have made women and kids frightened to death due to establishing affection!

v In Palestine, the kid-killer regime of Zionism is committing crimes everyday and murdering kids and women!

v How can be hopeful with justice and brotherhood when caliph dynasty is tyrannizing in Bahrain!

v The Muslims of Myanmar who are minority are being made fire and nobody takes the responsibility. Is it due to vanishing enmity?!

v And …

     Basically, Mr. Golpaygani hasn’t lived in the present and past conditions of the world. People can’t stand such false claims.


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