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citing the book “Aqdas” of the forged prophet of Baha’ism, the Baha’i proselytizer considered other people’s hands as the divine illegitimacy; while the existent photos and documents indicate that the second leader of Baha’ism; not only didn’t confront this illegitimacy; but also didn’t let his hands to be kissed. On the other side, he considered kissing oppressors’ hands as necessary!

     The Baha’i proselytizer: Our leaders has prohibited kissing hands as illegitimacy![1]




Researcher: Well, why were the Baha’i leaders permitting people to kiss their hands if kissing hand has been really prohibited by God?!

     The Baha’i proselytizer: Do you have any document for your claim?!

     Researcher: Yes, there are several photos of kissing Abdul Baha’s hands by his followers.[2]

     The Baha’i proselytizer: Well, it isn’t matter; he has been the divine leader and people asked them for blessing by doing so.

     The researcher: Why Abdul Baha has ordered the oppressors’ hands to be kissed:






     “… If an oppressed tyrannizes and attacks like a sharp-clawed wolf, the God’s friends must surrender like God’s sheep; so, don’t resist; but confront against sword as nectar and milk. You should receive the injuries and kiss the murderer’s hand and devote your souls in the divine path. Ask His blessing for the oppressor[3].”



[1]قد حرم علیکم تقبیل الایادی فی الکتاب هذا ما نهیتم عنه من لدن ربکم العزیز الحکام

Hussein Ali Nouri, the book “Aqdas”, the electronic copy, paragraph 34, p. 29

[2] Refer to Mahmoud Zarqani, Badayeul Athar, the electronic copy, Vol. 2, p. 31, 340.

[3] Abbas Effendi, Makatib, Egypt: attempted by Farajullah Zaki-al-Kurdi, 1921, 1st edition, Vol. 3, p. 124.


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