Lieutenant general Asadullah Saniee, Muhammad Reza’s adjutant was one of the main Baha’i men in the second Pahlavi court

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By: Mariyam Sadeqi




Saniee was the most influential person in applying Baha’i people in the second Pahlavi court.

     Lieutenant general Asadullah Saniee was the offspring of Aghajan and was born in Hamadan city, 1283 S.H. In 1305 S.H., he entered into army and in 1307 he finished the official college. He was one of the Baha’is undoubtedly. In SAVAK documents it is continually said that he has been a Baha’i person[1]. It is said in SAVAK documents dated 1344/1/8: “Soon, the government and the clergymen will compromise. In order for them to be attracted Mr. Dr. Kashfiyan, engineer Rowhani and general Saniee, that two current people are Baha’is will be abandoned from the cabinet…[2]

     During Reza Khan period of time, he was elected as the special adjutant of the prince, he was elected as the special adjutant of the prince. During Muhammad Reza kingdom, he was appointed as the minister of war and foodstuff. He was one of the agents of compiling capitulation in Asadullah Alam’s government.[3]

     His close and intimate relation with the king stabilized Saniee’s position after entering into army. Due to these relations, he embezzled extensively.[4]

     Regarding Saniee and his political tendencies, it is said in SAVAK documents:

     “He is favor of the west policies. He is famous for being intimate with the British. He is being directly supported by them.[5]

     Asadullah Saniee is considered as one of the main people in Baha’ism. He has played an important role in strengthening the cult’s positions in the military foundations of the Pahlavi regime along with Abdul Karim Ayadi in 1344, the Baha’ism center asked him to abandon the ministry of war. In fact, the Baha’ism organization asked him to abandon to test Muhammad Reza Pahlavi’s dependence on using Baha’i people in the regime and also to justify Bahaullah’s commandment regarding not meddling with policy.[6]

     In 1347, Saniee killed his house guard soldier Heydar Qarehgouzlou[7] and buried him in Hasarak, Karaj city along with Ayadi, the special physician of the king.

     Saniee was of the army officials and the Pahlavi regime who was accused for plundering people’s properties.

     During the last days of Pahlavi regime, he escaped from Iran.


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