Question: why was Ali Muhammad Bab executed if he repented?!

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Without answering to the validity of Bab’s repentance in the Baha’i resources, the Baha’i proselytizers say: why was Ali Muhammad Bab executed if he repented?! He was considered as intrinsic apostate and his repentance hadn’t been accepted, first. Second, his execution wasn’t due to his apostasy from Islam and bounding with his false claim.

Although, the first group text of Baha’is are expressing Ali Muhammad Bab’s (the leader and forerunner of Baha’ism) repentance and turning against his claims; but Baha’is are rejecting their leader’s repentance. Thus, the Baha’i proselytizers say: why has Ali Muhammad Bab executed if he repented?! His execution means and confirms his perseverance for his claim and proving his legitimacy!



1)   If a Muslim who is born by Muslim father and mother is going to turn against Islam or to oppose one of the necessities of the religion, he/ she will be considered as innate apostate. The repentance of such a person can’t be accepted and can’t cause him not to be executed.[1] Thus, Ali Muhammad Shirazi who was born by a Muslim parents and was excommunicating Islam is consider as innate apostate and his repentance couldn’t be accepted. Consequently, a debating assembly in Tabriz city wasn’t held for him to be repented; but it was held for verification of his claims and reality.


2)   It is interesting to be known that the execution of Ali Muhammad Bab has been done due to being apostate and bounding his false claim. Because according to Abul Fadhl Golpaygani ( one of the renowned Baha’i proselytizers), after being failed in Tabriz debate which ended in his second repentance (in Shiraz and Tabriz), Ali Muhammad Bab wasn’t executed because of his insanity ( Because mad apostate isn’t executed in Islam );  as we read : “ The answer by the sources of religious authorities of Tabriz is as follows: Seyyed Ali Muhammad Shirazi, in the auspicious reception and the happy assembly in the presence of the noblest deputies of the major prince of the government and a group of scholars, you have stated several materials which have made you epostate separately. The repentance of the innate epostate isn’t acceptable and your insanity has made you to be killed with delay. If this doubt is removed, the commandments of the innate epostate will be fulfilled for you.[2]


Consequently, the reason which caused Ali Muhammad Bab to be executed was to repress the riot which had been arisen by his name across the country. Otherwise, a person like Bab who was continually changing his position from Babism to Mahdism and from prophethood to divinity [3] and then was repenting from all of his claims was nothing but a mad man. Anyway, why don’t the Baha’i proselytizers have any answer for Bab’s repentance instead of posing useless doubts ignorantly?!


[1] Refer to Muhammad Hassan Najafi, Jawaher-al-Kalam, Beirut, Darul Ehya Al-Torath Al-Arabi, 1362 A.H., vol. 41, p. 605.

[2] Abul Fadhl Golpaygani, Kashful Qita’a, Tashkand: Bina, 1919 A.D. p.205.

[3] Refer to Fadhel Mazandarani, Zohorul Haghgh, Tehran: Bina, 1932 A.D. vol. 3, p.268.

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