Dog Series from the satellite networks for the kids!

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Following the announcement of the British Kingdom medium, BBC Farsi concerning casting programs and series for kids, the network called “manoto” which is related to Baha’ism managed by the budget and supports of the British intelligent service and the Zionistic regime announced it will cast the kid series called animal castle for the kids.

The novel “animal farm” written by “George Orwell was published earlier cold war by CIA to influence on Eastern kid thoughts and minds extensively. In the novel which describes animal world, several pigs are the rulers of this world.

Last week, the BBC Farsi network announced that contrary to the usual trend of the news channels and for the first time, the programs entitled “Qadonimqad” will be casted for the kids soon. The expert of this network said the aim of this program is to entertain the kids and to educate them. He said one of the series displaying in this program is the series called “animal clinic” in which the kids learn how to take their pets such as dog to clinics to be cured.

This is the first time for a western medium to announce that the aim for making film and cartoon isn’t merely entertaining the kids but they include messages for learning and training! It seems preaching the western lifestyle and their educational documents such as 2030 one which was tried hard to be recognized formally is casting through the satellite networks related to the western intelligent services for the Iranian especially the Kids.

While, the national medium networks are mostly casting the American and western Cartoons and films omitting several apparent immoral and irreligious parts without paying attention to the internal messages. It is necessary for the managers and people in charge of the national medium to provide, produce and caste more effective and attractive programs inspired by the national and religious sources to preach the Iranian Islamic life style as the strongest and the most basic medium of the country in order for our kids to get rid of all these great seditions.

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