The Baha’ism organization was a part of rioters in Aban riots!!!

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 When the increase of portal price was announced, the Baha’ism organization tried to beckon the peaceful people oppositions towards the disagreement with the origin of the system of the government and overthrowing. As republishing the Baha’i organization message sent in 1388 in which the Baha’is had been asked to follow the overthrowing movements purposefully in order to add their related elements to the line of those who were thinking of overthrowing.

     When the sudden increase of petrol price was announced, a wave of worries and oppositions concerning its consequences was formed in the country.

     In several parts of the country, some opposers came to streets and shouted economic slogans and showed their worries towards this price increase. Meantime, the Iranian nation enemies tried to beckon the peaceful people oppositions toward the disagreement with the origin of the system of the government and overthrowing.

     As the rented hired worker of dominant countries disagreeing the Islamic Iranian government and authority, the Baha’ism organization tried to relate the economic problems of people and the subject of costliness of petrol with the Islamic revolution nature and to bring its related elements and agents to streets.

     Thus, one of the media measures of the Baha’ism organization in riot days was publishing its intriguing message issued during 1388 riots. Republishing the Baha’ism organization message purposefully issued on the occasion of 1388 riots in which it had asked the Baha’is to accompany the overthrowing movements, the Baha’i networks tried to add their related agents to lines of those who were asking for overthrowing.

     The Baha’ism organization also curiously interpreted the absolute commandment of the Baha’i leaders concerning the prohibition of meddling in policy and wrote:

     “You can’t be apathetic with your dear compatriots afflicted by these problems.”

     It also wrote: “The Iranian Baha’is have indicated with their behaviors and dispositions that the correct reaction against tyranny isn’t accepting the repressive’ desires nor obeying their perspirations.[1]

     However, the following notes are worthy to be mentioned criticizing the Baha’ism organization approach.



1)   Contrary to the Baha’ism organization approach as superficially oppressed party which is aiming to overthrow the Iranian system of government, the semi-religious Baha’i texts have considered each kind of interference with the policy as equal to coming out of the Baha’ism cult.[2] On the other side, the Baha’i leaders have even taken w\away the right of opposition from their followers: “Nobody is allowed to oppose the governments.[3]” they have appointed obeying each dictator as a legitimate necessity by their followers: “The commandment of each government is necessary to be obeyed even the despotic one. You mustn’t be intimate with the liberals.[4]” however, how was the Baha’ism organization trying to make the rightful Iranian people’s oppositions during the formation of Islamic revolution alongside with its lords?! Why has it posed love of freedom and seeking justice as excuses for over throwing in all seditions happened after the Islamic revolution?!


2)   The Baha’ism organization considers the basis of the Iranian government on tyranny and introduces its disposition as opposition against it; so Abdul Baha has introduced accepting tyranny as the Baha’i characteristics: “…The extreme of loyalty must be offered against harm and oppression. You must transact with extreme pleasantness in cases of grudge.[5]” or he has said: “…If a cruel person usurps and attacks like a wild wolf, the divine disciples must be surrendered like sheep. Consequently, they mustn’t resist; but they must counteract sword with nectar and milk. They must tolerate liver injury and kiss the killers hand.[6]


3)   Once again, the Baha’ism organization proved that it is a systematic cohesive organization contrary to introducing itself as a semi-religious movement. An organization which was sucking people’s blood during Pahlavi period of time by being in charge of high-ranking posts. Now, it is speaking about freedom and justice as people supporter! A political organization which was related to Israel and started its enmity just 12 days after forming the democratic government in Iran.[7]


4)   The Baha’ism organization introduces the rioters and destroyers of Iranian people’s properties as enthusiastic youth. Does it have such a view concerning the Palestinian youth who are defending their country?!



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[7] Mashreq correspondence, article: The interesting confessions by 9 ex-Baha’is, news code: 226528 dated 1392/4/4.


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