Muhammad Ali Taheri, the 21st century Bab?

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 Muhammad Ali Taheri, the head of the deviant cult of Erfan Halqeh cult can be called as the 21st century Bab.

     Resorting one of Sheikism views, Ali Muhammad Shirazi claimed for being the gate for Imam of the time (P.H.) at first; but he himself didn’t believe to be regarded. The broken economic conditions, political and religious agitations, tyranny, sedition and despotism had caused people to wait for the promised one to eradicate tyranny. In this situation, he posed his claim concerning being the gate for Imam of the time and misused people’s ignorance and introduced himself as Imam of the time.

     Meantime, several issues made Ali Muhammad Bab himself to believe his claim: Being supported by those who assumed him as the savior due to their extreme poverty and unawareness and also the mischief and guidance of movements who considered preaching this belief as their interests.

     Muhammad Ali Taheri, the 21st century Bab, claimed for innovating Islamic Iranian gnosis, too like Bab without having necessary specialty and expertise.

     It is obvious that based on his confession ha hasn’t recited the holy Quran even once and may cause himself and his disciples to be deviated. The deviations like fighting against the religious law, believing in metempsychosis, contravening angels, praising Satan, rejecting intercession and pilgrimage and etc. His innovation regarding being connected with cosmic sense network caused the naïve and unaware people to be attracted to him.

     Of course, there are several people around Taheri having various instincts like Bab. There were some people who were seeking for their pain remedies in his connections and were misled. They suffered from physical and mental hurts in this way. Some people were thinking of being his successor.

     The most important issue is that Taheri’s fate is one of the less important issue for his fans. It seems the dead Muhammad Ali Taheri is worthier than their alive master.



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