The Baha’is and their presence in the riots

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The Baha’ism organization was calling its members to riots before and now it pretends to be oppressed boldly because its related elements have been captured (on charge of being the leaders of the riots)! Additionally, the Baha’ism organization is also responsible for the current living circumstances by spoiling the economic system of the country via trying to increase sanctions, exchange contraband and etc.



     By forming the Islamic revolution in Iran and end of the Baha’ism dominance on the country, the Baha’ism organization started its enmity against this democratic revolution and tried hard to overthrow it.[1] Consequently, the Baha’ism organization media and anti-Iranian movement living out of Iran are trying to charge each opposing movement into riot and overthrowing.

     Thus; in the current movement, the Baha’ism organization turned o republishing its intriguing messages such as 1388 ones. Sending intriguing messages and criticizing the rudiment and basis of the Iranian government, the Baha’ism organization asked the Baha’is not to be indifferent about these movements.[2] So, the Baha’is elements who had played the roles of leadership in the riots of the previous seditions[3] tried add the related elements to the line of those who are asking for overthrowing.


     Meantime, after subsiding the oppositions, the Baha’i media reported about several Baha’is to be captured in several parts of the country on charge of leadership organization pretended to be oppressed instead of answering about deviating their leaders’ commandment concerning the prohibition of opposing against the rulers[4]and being treacherous with the Islamic revolution!




[1] The Baha’ism organization started its enmity against the Islamic revolution merely 12 days after forming the government selected by the Iranian people: Mashreq correspondence, article title: The interesting confessions by 9 people turning against Baha’ism, news code: 226528, dated 1392/4/4.

[2] The message of the leadership foundation of Baha’ism, the universal house of justice to the Iranian disciples, dated: Tir, 2, 1388- June, 23, 2009.

[3] For more studies refer to the article: the role of Baha’ism in forming 1388 Ashoora.

[4] Ishraq Khawari, the treasury of limitations and commandments, Bija: The national institute of the faith press, 3rd edition, 128 Badi’a, p. 463-464; the faith news magazine, 1351, No.6, p. 184.


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