Baha’ism, masonry and Judaism were the main supporters of Reza Khan

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 Seyyed Kazem Mousawi said: “To get into power, Reza Khan was supported by the Jewish, Masonry and Baha’ism as three sides of a triangle.”

     Seyyed Kazem Mousawi, the researcher of the Iranian contemporary history said: “The sites which publish news concerning Reza Khan’s combat against Baha’ism are stepping in favor of Baha’ism and are forging history to serve Baha’ism and are also acting to pretend this deviant cult is oppressed.”

     The expert of the contemporary history added: “The function of such sites and news assemblies is cutting and negating Baha’ism attachment to despotism and Colonialism.”

     Pointing pout the issue that the original news concerning Reza Khan’s campaign against Baha’ism is a mere lie, Mousawi stated: “I referred to the library records of the Islamic consultative parliament and investigated “Tehran Mosawwar” magazine from the beginning of the year 1334 to the end of the year1334. I didn’t discover any news concerned with Reza Khan’s campaign

     Stating this fact that the Baha’is were present in the state of Reza Khan government, Mousawi declared; “Reza Khan elected MAJOR Samiee as the guardian and adjutant of Muhammad Reza. The Baha’i adjutant Samiee started expanding Baha’ism in Muhammad Reza Pahlavi’s state after Reza Khan’s death.

     The researcher of the contemporary history considered Muhammad Reza Shah’s period of time as the golden periods for Baha’ism and said: I personally have a document in which the Baha’is state that Muhammad Reza Shah and Ashraf Pahlavi have studied in the Baha’i school during their elementary years.

     Mousawi stressed that the historians who were attached to Pahlavi government have hidden the Baha’ism role in writing the history of Pahlavi period of time.

     The expert of contemporary history reminded that: Reza Khan had close relationship with Baha’ism. The following reasons indicate this cooperation:

·        Unveiling movement

·        Preventing mourning for Imam Hussein (P.H.)

·        Fading religious rites

·        Closing the religious sciences schools

    Mousawi added: “Whenever Reza Khan encountered a crisis, Baha’ism entered into scene and played a role. During Jungle movement and Mirza Kouchak Khan’s rising, the Baha’i Ehsanullah khan played an active role in Mirza Kouchak Khan’s failure.”

     He added: Ehsanullah Khan was a Baha’i person who assassinated too much in the Constitution punishment committee and then deviant Mirza Kouchak Khan’s movement and caused it to be failed.


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