Who is Bab?

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 Seyyed Ali Muhammad Shirazi, the founder of the deviant cult of Babism was born in Shiraz city on the Lunar month of Moharram 1235 A.H. His father was Reza and his mother was Khadijeh Beygom or Fatimah Beygom.

He started reading and writing his period of time’s usual method in Shiraz city. His father died when he was just a kid. So he headed off towards Boushehr port. His maternal uncle acted for him in apposition. He was educated by a person who was in charge of a school and was one of the followers of Sheikism cult. When he grew up he was working with his uncle in Sason company belonged to the Jewish investors in Baqdad city trading opium in Boushehr port and Bombay, India. In the beginning of the cooperation, Ali Muhammad was rubbing opium which was a hard job. He had to pour raw opium on a special board which were liquid into big vats mostly on the roofs of carevanserais used as depots for saving opium belonged to Jewish Sason Company and pulled them up and down with a metal spatula and rubbed to be formed as hard bullets and balls of opium. Then, he formed them into 20-gram rolls to be sent to Sason business office in Bombay, India to be distributed in the southeastern region of Asia particularly in China nearly free of charge.

     Most experts believe that working 10 hours under the blazing sun of Boushehr port has hurt Ali Muhammad’s perceptions and has made him be affected by melancholy claiming for faking possession of the moon and stars. This note has also been mentioned in Balgourki’s –the ambassador of Russia in Iran- memoirs about Seyyed Ali Muhammad Bab Shirazi.

     Seyyed Ali Muhammad Shirazi’s (Bab) familiarity with the Jewish family and the investor “SAson” influenced so much on his life and made him be familiar with the key centers of Jewish. According to some historians the main pillars of his claims concerning being the gate for Imam of the time (P.H.) or according to Sheikim cult’s belief being the forth pillar. Are formed relating to these centers.

     Babis and Baha’is consider Seyyed Ali Muhammad Bab to possess the divine science and exaggerate in this regard.

     Seyyed Ali Muhammad Shirazi has participate at Seyyed Kazem Rashti’s classes as his student. Seyyed Kazem Rashti died in 1259 A.H. while he didn’t elected anyone of his students as his successor. Several days before his death, he had announced in the presence of some of his disciples that Imam of the time will soon be emerged to manage Muslims’ affairs himself and to guide the world towards justice.

     When Seyyed Kazem rashti died, Ali Muhammad Shirazi was in Boushehr port and was busy working with his maternal uncle in Sason Company. At that time it was five years for Seyyed Ali Muhammad Shirazi to work for the company directly. Consequently, I isn’t unlikely for this claim that Seyyed Ali Muhammad Shirazi has called himself as the gate for Imam of the time intrigued and encouraged by the Jewish.

     Can it be supposed for the claimant of prophethood to behave to culminate by rubbing opium? What was the Russian intelligent service’s aim of Ali Muhammad’s claiming for being Imam of the time (P.H.)?


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