The made Karbala of the Baha’is of Iran

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Resorting to pretending to be oppressed and intriguing people’s sense of compassion toward themselves and also forgetting their betrayal against Iran and the Iranians, the Baha’i leaders have simulated Karbala event of the Lord of the martyrs (P.H.) fictions about pretending to be oppressed by their followers in Iran.

     As Abdul Baha explained about the Baha’is of Yazd and Isfahan cities to be tyrannized and likened the Baha’is of those cities to Imam Hussein’s (P.H.) disciples, he considered Iranians worse than the Excellency Lord of the martyr’s (P.H.) murderers:

     “praise be to God; for thousand of years, the Iranian nation especially the Shiites were sorrowing for the Excellency the Lord of the martyrs (P.H.) that the unclean Yazid overwhelmed the dead body of the martyr by horses and injured him. This is what is said by the Jesus Christ who said: Your fathers killed God’s prophets and you make their graves habitable and visit as pilgrim and bow down and kiss. This is people’s ignorance.[1]

     The following notes are necessary to be mentioned investigating the Baha’i leader’s remarks:

1)   In which historical book have the claims posed by the Baha’ism leader concerning the repression of the Baha’is in Yazd and Isfahan cities been written?! It is just claimed by the false Baha’ism leaders who didn’t even participate there at that time! For instance; at that time, Abdul Baha states (nearly late 13th century) the number of the Baha’is of Yazd city as 5000 houses[2]which is estimated as 25000 people considering each house to have 5 Baha’is! While according to estimates, the population of all Baha’is of Iran is estimated as 50,000 one after decades of proselytizing and foreign supports[3]!

2)   It is interesting to be known that the false leaders of Baha’ism attribute the following wild actions to Iranian people such as plundering and harassing the Baha’i women and kids[4], slaughtering the Baha’is[5], tearing and tilting on the Baha’is dead bodies[6] in order to simulate the event of Ashoora in favor of themselves!

3)   After attributing such violent legends to Iranian people, the Baha’i leaders have called Iranians using titles such as wolf[7], destructive savages[8], dogs, tyrant, Shemr, Yazid[9], wilder than the African savages[10], stone-hearted and corrupt[11] and etc. Now, suppose a person who hasn’t seen nor know the Iranian people. What does he/she think of Iranians?!

4)   How is it acceptable for the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (P.H.) which was done to recover and reform the holy prophet’s (P.H.) religion and nation to be compared with the followers of the Baha’ism cult?! While the Colonialism supported the Baha’i religion makers to disunite the Islamic Iranian community and to create spies and Baha’ism! According to Abdul Baha, when the Baha’is were under pressure and tightness, they sought asylum to the czar Russian embassy[12]!

5)   Abdul Baha was claiming for peace and prohibition of quarrel while the forged prophet of Baha’ism killed his opponents to get into power[13]! Abdul Baha himself who likened Iranian as fierce wolves has said: surrendering wolves is tyrannizing the sheep.[14]


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