The Baha’ism reaction toward Iran’s slap to America

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 The fortieth day of the meekly martyrdom of the heart commander is imminent. During this period of time, friends and enemies confess that the lieutenant general martyr Hajji Qasem Soleymani was entitled as the commander of hearts by serving people. His funeral and safekeeping ceremonies of the hero of the Islamic Iranian land indicate that devotion can’t be hidden for the Iranian people and people know how to thank their heroes.

     After slapping America by Iran and rocketing two bases of the terroristic army of this country, the Baha’ism organization infused War fear and considered revenging as the most hateful word and the logic of the weak[1]! Yes, a cult whose logic is kissing hands of the tyrants and the aggressive introduces defending the hometown as the blind bigotry[2]!

     The Baha’ism organization issues statement even for animals and gays; while it remained silent after the martyrdom of the proud commander of Islam and Iran, Hajji Qasem Soleimani and its elements insulted him rather than sympathize and expressed happiness!


[1] Narrated by the proselytizing network of the Baha’ism organization

[2] Abbas Effendi, Makatib, Egypt: attempted by FArajullah Zakiul Kurdi, 1921 A.D., 1st edition, Vol. 3, p. 124.


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