What does Baha’ism mean by the removal of all prejudice?!

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One of the principles which Baha’ism considered it as a new one is the removal of all prejudice in order for all human’s bigotries, enmities and disputes to be ended. As Abdul Baha has said: “The fifth teaching of the Excellency Bahaullah is that the sexual, religious, homespun and political bigotries are destroying the basis and bigotry is destroying the mankind foundation. As long as these bigotries-every kind of it- exists, the humane world won’t be relaxed.[1]

     However, we say criticizing the viewpoint and the difference between the blind bigotry with other moral virtues such as zeal and patriotism…:

     Some moral virtues are existent near moral evils. So, if their limitations and conditions aren’t paid into consideration exactly, a moral virtue maybe changed into ta moral evil; such as zeal and bigotry which zeal is a moral virtue; but bigotry is a moral evil.

     Fighting to protect the hometown are of the highest moral values to such an extent that Islam considers the killed as martyrs. The lack of this human feature is an innate digression. For this reason, zeal has been introduced as the faith sign:

 الغیره من الایمان و البذاءِ من النفاق

     Zeal is the sign of faith and dastardliness is the sign of hypocrisy.[2]


[1] Abbas Effendi, the Sermons, the western Germany: The assembly of publishing the faith press, Bita, Vol. 2, p. 147.

[2] The great scholar Majlesi, Beharul Anwar, Beirut: Al-Wafa institute, 1403 A.H., Vol. 71, p. 342.


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