The great scholar Hassan Zadeh Amoli’s view concerning Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee

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The dignitaries of Sheikism cult have exaggerated the scientific character of their leader; as Hajj Muhammad Karim Khan says about Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee’s character: “A mirror which reflects the Household’s (P.H.) traits. The one whom phoenix can’t achieve his dignity and osprey can’t fly to be its counterpart.[1]

However, the dignitaries of some sciences have posed many difficulties against proving such claims. As the honorable scholar Hassan Zadeh Amoli has said: “Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee who believes in the existence and nature originality and doesn’t consider philosophical rules as valid has fallen into dualism unwantedly. Such people believe in evil and Yazdan and don’t believe in monotheism.[2]


[1] Hajj Muhammad Karim Khan Kermani, Hedatuttalebin, Kerman: Second, 1380 A.H. p. 36.

[2] Ahmad Hajj Oqli and several authors, the deviative cults, Qom, the specialized center for Mahdism, 1395 S.H. p. 42, narrated from: the interpretation of Sabzewari poem, Vol. 2, p. 65.


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