Mullah Ali Nouri: Contrary to his claims, Ehsaee was unaware of the philosophical issues

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 The dimansions of scientific character of Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee is needed to be searched and investigated. One of the fields on which Sheikism is emphasizing more is Sheikh skill in the divine wisdom and philosophical discussions. Numerous works have been published by him in this regard.[1] Abul Qasem Ibrahimi has written Sheikh’s philosophical and peremptory works in the second volume of his book.[2] In this article, we are trying to state the divine sage, Mullah Ali Nouri in this regard.[3]

In one of his works, Modarresi chahardehi narrates: Mullah Ali Nouri was considered as one of the devoted people of Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee in Isfahan and was constantly justifying his scientific materials[4]. When Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee entered into Iran and resided in Isfahan city, he canceled his class to respect Sheikh in order for his students to participate at Ehsaee’s class. Mullah Ali Nouri’s pupils figured out in the first session that Sheikh wasn’t familiar with philosophical discussions and terms. Mullah Ali confessed about this issue that. Why he has justified Sheikh’s scientific discussions during this period of time.[5]


[1] For more studies refer to the article Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee’s works and the article: The scientific method of Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee

[2] Abul Qasem Ibrahimi, Fehrest, Vol. 2, pp. 8-55 and 99-100.

[3] Mullah Ali Akhond Nouri Mazandarani known as the divine sage is one of the famous sages and philosophers of 13the century who was born in Nour, Mazandaran

[4] On the other hand, Akhond was legitimizing Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee’s philosophical issues which weren’t in conformity with famous sages’ words and the philosophical rules and he was trying to defend him.

[5] Morteza Modarresi Chahardehi, Sheikism and Baism, Tehran, Forouq book store, 1351 S.H., pp. 54-55.


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