To stop broadcasting the Christianity proselytizing television network in Israel

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 The Israeli satellite and cable television broadcasting council says: The new network “God Television in Hebrew Language” due to proselytizing Christianity and encouraging the Jewish people to change their faith.

It is claimed that one of the centers for the freedom of speech and religion is in Israel. The above-mentioned document testifies that the kid-killer regime of Israel can’t stand proselytizing of the Christian and considers it as crime. Now, haven’t the ambulation of the Baha’i organization to change the religion of Iran been considered as crime?! 

Whereas, the Baha’ism organization isn’t allowed to proselytize for its cult in Israel and doesn’t violate this commandment and doesn’t oppose at all; but in Iran, the Baha’ism organization proselytize using various methods although this action is considered as crime!


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