Why do we say Babis and Baha’is are the promised one of Sheikism?!!!

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Although the Sheikism leaders after Kazem Rashti consider themselves as the obstinate opponents of Babism and Baha’ism; but Qera’ati states that these two newly born cults are the forerunner of some teachings and thoughts of Sheikism leaders because the leaders of Babi and Baha’i cults had provided themselves with a pretext and considered Sheikhi leaders as their forerunner.

As one of the authors of the cult has written in the book Noqtatul Kaf: “Late 12th Islamic century when the horizon of the Islamic world had become blur and dark due to differences in leaders, clergymen and jurisconsults’ ideas beliefs, a bright star emerged through darkness… He annunciated the new faith for which all Islamic world particularly the Shiites waiting… Additionally, he made the elected souls prone to visit imam of the Time. This divine bright star was the Excellency Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee.[1]” consequently, it is narrated in this book about the Baha’i leader’s statement concerning the annunciation for the emergence of Ali Muhammad Shirazi by Sheikh Ahmad Ehsaee: “How similar are the remembrance and mentioning of Ali Muhammad Shirazi and Sheikh Ahmad’s one. As he headed off pilgrimage to Mecca. He had said to Hajji Muhammad Ismaeel Nami resided Bab and mentioned the Excellency by his blessed name. The man was surprised to know who he was until he returned from pilgrimage to Mecca and after several years and when the Excellency the highest (Al Muhammad Shirazi) entered into Sad land.[2]

In this statement, there is a meaningful relationship between Sheikism creed and Babism movement among Babi and Baha’i authors. While Sheiki leaders after Seyyed Kazem Rashti are rejecting this relationship!


[1] Mirza Jani Kashani, Noqtatul Kaaf, introduced by Edward Brown, Bija: Braille leaden Helland publishing house, 1328 A.H., p. 15.

[2] Ibid, p. 35.


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