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Thieves admire Baha’ism, too!!!

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     Bahaismiran:During the history of the human beings, there have been those who chanted illogically to swagger and be popular among people. The public delight just the beautiful appearance of the slogans and don’t pay attention to the depth of them.


     One of the so-called beautiful slogans is: “assuming enemies as friends” which the Baha’i leaders have repeatedly spoken about it and have attracted people towards Baha’ism.

     The Excellency Bahaullah says in the book “the heavenly food” Vol. 8: “Friends must assume the tyrants’ deeds and actions as the right one and must never oppose.”

     It is possible for a person who tyrannizes and be assumed to be right?!!!

     Read the answer in Bahaullah’s book “the treasurer of limits and commandments”: “If a person makes a house fire intentionally, he/she must be made fire.”

     So, it isn’t logical for an enemy to be assumed as friend and his/her actions and deeds to be assumed right.

     The Excellency Bahaullah’s followers are in charge of solving these two statements stated by the Excellency Bahaullah.



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