The Excellency Abdul Baha, proselytizing or no proselytizing

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 proselytizing and preaching beliefs among people are of the primary principles of each religion or belief.

     The followers of the Baha’i faith are busy proselytizing and inviting people to Baha’ism across the world especially in our country Iran secretly or openly. For this reason, they distribute various pamphelets and leaflets digitally or in printed form. Of course, according to 13 and 14 principles of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran Baha’ism hasn’t been included as the religious minority of Iran; so proselytizing and inviting to Baha’ism is against the law in Iran.

     On the other side, it is interesting to be noted that according to the Baha’i beliefs, the Baha’is have to obey the king and the governmental rules of the country in which they live and not to violate the government and its rules. It is said in the book “the treasury of limitations and verdicts –which is considered as one of the main and valid sources of Baha’ism- narrated from Abbas Abdul Baha: “According to the Blessed Beauty’s statement, a person who acts and behaves against the government permission disagrees the Blessed Beauty’s order and isn’t forgiven. The dominant order is to obey the government. It can’t be interpreted.”

     Considering the above-mentioned statement by Abdul Baha and the Iranian Constitution, the proselytizing of the Baha’i faith which is of the necessities of the belief and is advised continually by the Universal House of Justice is against Abdul Baha’s order. This is a great contradiction.

     This great contradiction indicates the illegitimacy of Baha’ism. Baha’ism is unwarranted and isn’t divine.


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