Turkish people

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Turkish people are Eurasian[1] groups who are living in the western, central and northern Asia in countries like Mongolia, China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran, the Azerbaijan Republic, Iraq, Cyprus, Turkey and Greece. Their most important historical bond-apart from the history of language is that all of them are Muslims except for Yaghoutistan and Chowash in Siberia. The Turkish people can be divided into the western and eastern ones. The western group include the Turkish people living in southwest of Europe and the Asia living in Turkey and Northwest of Turkey and the Eastern group consists of the central Asia, Kazakhstan and an autonomous region called Uighur in Xinjiang, China.[2]

The Turkish people possess great honors appreciated by the learned and sage people.

Sattar Khan and Baqer Khan, Leyla Muhammad Awa (the first Muslim pilot) Lulandano (physicist and the winner of Nobel prize), Muhammad Hussein Shahriyar and Parvin E’atesami (poets), Ali Daee (football player and coach), Karim Baqeri (footballist ), Hussein Reza Zadeh (weight lifter), the great scholar Majlesi ( the Shiite scientist and the author of the book “Al-Ghadir” )are Turkish famous  people.

Now, the Excellency Abdul Baha, the leader of the deviant cult of Baha’ism who considers himself as the defender of the unity of the humane world and the equality of all nations doesn’t answer to Turkish people’s questions or even answer to them humorously because he believes that Turkish people don’t have common sense and aren’t merited to be answered.

According to Abdul Baha narrated by Fadhel Mazandarani in the book Asrarul Athar, vol. 3, p. 42:

When Jamal Pasha approached Acre and wanted to visit me. I rode on donkey back and went towards his house. As soon as he saw me, he made me sit next to him and said: …

Abdul Baha answered: I thought I should answer to him ridiculously.”

Yes, this was a piece of the hidden puzzle of the oneness of the humane world according to Baha’ism.[3]



[1] Two continents of Asia and Europe are called Euasia.

[2] Wikipedia encyclopedia

[3] Avoid Turkish people although he is your father. If he likes you, he will eat you. If he considers you as enemy, he will kill you.

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