Eating onion and garlic is illegitimate

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 Don’t be surprized. One of the orders by Bab and Baha is eating onion and garlic which is illegitimate. Bab and Baha have prohibited eating onion and garlic although the dignitaries in medicine have written and spoken about the benefits of them now and before. It is written in the book” Bayan”, page 21:

“Eating boiled or raw garlic and onion has been considered illegitimate and it is merited for radish and leek which possess bad odor not to be eaten.[1]

Now, the question is: Why do Bab and Baha command for the things which are beneficial for the human bodies to be illegitimate; but it hasn’t been prohibited in any other religions or creeds?


[1] The trial and investigation of Bab and Baha, vol. 3, p. 238.

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