Ja’far Kazzab from the Excellency Baha’s point of view

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As you know, the Excellency Imam Hadi (P.H.) possessed five offspring (four sons and a daughter) named: Imam Hassan Askari (P.H.), Hussein, Muhammad, Ja’far and Ali. Among the offspring, Ja’far was evildoer and liar; so that he was entitled as Kazzab; that is, a great liar. He was Imam Hassan’s brother and Imam of the time’s (P.H.) paternal uncle. He claimed for being Imam after Imam Hadi’s (P.H.) departure, he said: I am the Imam of Muslims; my brother isn’t.

     Imam Hassan Asakri (P.H.) had stated: “The Imam after me is the one who prays for my dead body.” After the Excellency departed, Ja’far Kazzab wanted to pray for the brother’s dead body. Suddenly the white curtain hung in the room elevated and a holy aspect kid appeared, He grasped Ja’far cloak and said: O’ my paternal uncle, go away. I am more merited to pray for my father’s dead body. Ja’far blood cold and couldn’t say anything.

     Ja’far Kazzab was deviated due to three following aspects:

1)   Claiming for being Imam after his brother Imam Hassan Askari (P.H.)

2)   Rejecting the legitimate heir for Imam Hassan Askari (P.H.) and claiming for Imamate.

3)   When Imam Mahdi opposed him made the governmental agents aware of his existence and forced the government to search and inspect his house.

     Now, the significant note is that the Excellency Bahaullah calls him Excellency and the oppressed one!

     It is written in the book “the heavenly food” that: “The Excellency Ja’far was asked: Did the Excellency Askari possess a male offspring? The oppressed Ja’far balked and said: There was a kid two years ago and died. The self-interested people excommunicated him and called him the great liar…”

     The Excellency Bahaullah calls Ja’far the Excellency and the oppressed one. So, why doesn’t he believe in his claiming for being Imam?! Why he believes in Seyyed Bab to be Mahdi?!

     Of course, Abbas Effendi who was more curious than his father figured out the subject and wrote a letter narrated by Sadrussudur history written by Nasrullah Rastegar on page 148:

     “After Imam Hassan Askari Shiites divided into three groups: A group directed by the ignorant Ja’far and congratulate him…”

Consequently, the Excellency Baha considered Ja’far, the great liar as an oppressed one to exploit him to set his false claim. He wanted to say there have been oppressed people in the history of Islam; but they have been repulsed.




1)   One hundred questions and answers regarding Imam of the Time (May Allah hasten his reappearance) –Ali Reza Rejali Tehrani- Nobouq publishing house.

2)   The heavenly food- Vol. ?- Bahaullah- The national institute of the faith press.

3)   The history of Sadrussudur –Nasrullah Rastegar- the national assembly of publishing the faith works




Written by: Minou Hashemi


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